Each translation is evaluated individually, because it depends on the type of translation (normal, technical, etc..), desired speed (express translation, translation required over the weekend, etc..) and whether a client requests a certified translation or not. The same applies to interpreting.

A translation is calculated on standard pages with one standard page containing 1800 characters including spaces. The total price of a translation is calculated according to the number of standard pages of the target text, which may differ from the source text.  Supplementary charges  may be added in the case of extremely difficult translations, illegible translations, etc.

The charged minimum is 0,5 of a standard page (and one standard page in the case of certified translations).


• Translations from 350 CZK per a standard page / including TVA
• Translation between foreign languages from 500 CZK per a standard page
• Certified translations from 420 CZK per a standard page
• Proofreading from 120 CZK per a standard page
• Translations made over the weekend + 30%
• Express translations + 30%
(Express translation is a translation of more than six (6) standard pages per day excluding the day of reception and delivery of a translation. An express translation is also a translation made in less than 48 hours and over the weekend.

• Interpreting (consecutive and accompanying) 500 CZK per an hour
• 4 hours 2500 CZK
• 8 hours 5000 CZK
• Certified interpreting 600 CZK per an hour
• Simultaneous interpreting 700 CZK per an hour
• Interpreting of the wedding ceremony – according to the type of marriage and individual agreements from 2000 CZK