Translations in the following language combinations:

• English - Czech

• Czech - English

• French - Czech

• Czech - French

• English - French

• French – English

I focus on professional translations from various sectors including private translations. I strictly respect the ethical code  for translators and maintain confidentiality of supplied materials. If requested by a client, I delete all delivered documents after translation work has been completed.

Professional translations:

• Legal and business correspondence
• Commercial contracts
• Declarations, certificates and documents related to quality, safety and audits
• Standards, user’s guidebooks, instructions
• PowerPoint presentations, marketing presentations
• Product descriptions
• Websites
• Personal documents
• Official documents
• Books, dramas, subtitling

Translations in the following fields:

• Law
• Business
• Tourism
• Gastronomy
• Hotel industry
• Marketing and advertising
• Cosmetics
• Agriculture, winemaking, brewing
• Film and theatre industry
• History, art, fiction
I also offer proofreading translations including consultation with a native speaker and stylistic and typographical modifications of the text.
In cooperation with a graphic artist I offer graphic services including printing and subsequent distribution.
I translate in MS Office and use Trados and Across translation software. If requested by a client I employ his or her own terminology.